A Webcast Studio

Webcasting is becoming  a necessity for musicians  artists and a Webcast Studio is a must.stick-bcp-1


And here is my first plunge into being on the other side of the lens. (I have been on corporate webcasting crews professionally for over 10 years)


So I did a test online of my webcast studio for next Thursdays online product review of the Diamond Bass Compressor BCP-1 that I use on the bass side of the Chapman Stick.


Below is a view of my video setup.


The webcam is the one on the laptop and the audio is mixed before going into an M-Audio Fast Pro. I will be mixing my Rhode NT1, Bass and treble sides of the Chapman Stick and my iPod for percussion accompaniment.


Note: The non-purple square in the second photo. That is the area you would see on the audience will see.


The Webcast is Thursday February 27, 2 PM EST




A bien tot B-)