Looping Live For The First Time

The Barfly in MontrealI played the Barfly on March 21 along with 3 other music acts.

As usual I was the opener. I used an EHX 720 2 channel looper pedal. When I played “I’m A Man” I decided to loop a kind of ambient chord like Robert Fripps looping method from the late 70’s, in other words it was just a loop with a series of swelling notes that are not set to a fixed time meter.

Once I created the loop, I proceeded to do a bluesy improv over the loop.

Also I brought back the loop during my solo.

Here is a short segment from that performance giving you an idea of the loop section.


Pedal Boards and Song Writing

 I have a new addition to my pedal board for the Stick.

The original set up has a Line 6 Modulator (MM-6) & A Diamond Bass Compressor on the bass side of the stick and on the treble side a TC Electronics MojoMojo Overdrive, a Digitech RP 55 (multi effects) and a volume/expression pedal (for the RP 55).

I have added a looper pedal, the Electro Harmonix 720 Looper.

The idea is to create some ambient style music for live performance and for on the fly composing/improv ideas when at home creating.

There is also the possibility of creating percussive rhythm grooves live for playing along with.


Recording Bernie & Jeff at Caspers

Bernie, Jeff and Casper
Bernie, Jeff and Casper

Had a great time recording at Casper’s studio in Pierrefonds, QC, Canada.

Jeff (Drums) and I (Chapman Stick) have been jamming and improvising for about a year and a half.

We do some classic rock, funk and original grooves whenever we can get together. So, on a night where we couldn’t just jam, due to some logistics, we spent a few hours in Casper’s studio recording to see what we would sound like, and to jam a bit.

Here is a sample of an original called “the Lie”.