Bernie improvising

The Songwriting Process and Live Streaming

Now I have the time to do the songwriting process and live streaming is my test ground because gigs at this time are cancelled. (see Note at the bottom of the page)

The original idea was to test out the songs at open mics in the area. However, now I am going to use live streaming to try out the songs I am writing.

Live streaming will let me work at a micro-level that I might not have done before. The ability to try out parts before I actually assemble a song will be interesting to try out.

There is a risk in doing this because improvising is always a trip into the unknown. Doing it live brings it to another level of anticipation or fear.

The songwriting process and live streaming is an approach to writing that is also performing at the same time. So it will be interesting to get feedback from an audience.

Using the looping pedal creates a fixed parameter

The looping pedal/bandmate

When you have a collection of lyrics (192 pages collected over 10 years) and years of musical ideas in chart form and recorded bits, you need to start a form of triage.

So you pick a few and try them out and see if they take you anywhere worth exploring further.

To create a groove behind the “musical bit” I like using my EHX 720 looping pedal. My rig of percussion instruments includes a 2 head drum, a couple of darbukas, a mini Cajon, shakers, electronic drum pads and an old iPod that has Korg Kaos and reason apps.

So moving forward, it is the 2nd week since starting the songwriting process for my first Album (CD/LP/collection, whatever you call it these days) of music performed on the Chapman stick.

There are a few instrumentals, but the album has several songs with lyrics and vocals.

Live looping at the Barfly


Note: At the time of writing this, it has been 1 week since isolating myself and my wife. I have my home recording studio, my video gear and now… I am here all the time.