Songwriting with a Deadline – Creating Within a Timeframe

I made a decision in February that I would do some songwriting with a deadline and then release a CD/album in May 2020.

The idea was to write songs in March, record in April and master/duplication and release in May.

At the present time, I have 2 song demos (“The Lie” (vocal) and an instrumental “Agony and Serenity”.)

Bernie Landry on the Chapman stick performing "The Lie"
Performing one of my songs at an open mic in St. Lazare, QC

Lyric Content and Ideas

I have put together 192 pages of lyric pieces and ideas to draw from.

Music Bits and Ideas

In the 80s and 90s, I recorded a lot of music for television, radio and other projects. I am experimenting with some tracks as samples. I am hoping to find 1 of the tracks that could be used as a backing ambience track.

Plus, using the EHX720 looper pedal helps in the wordsmithing process. I believe in writing lyrics that sound like they belong in the music and not forced to fit. So I create a groove and work the lyrics as I play over the loop.

Jeff is helping out on songwriting with a deadline
Jeff plays drums and sings.

Also, I have lots of improv sessions I recorded alone and several tracks I recorded with my friend Jeff Gauthier on Drums.

At the moment I have 7 new songs I am working on, plus the 2 songs I mentioned earlier.

It is likely I will scarp a few and add others only because I believe in keeping ideas flowing, without boxing myself in.

So many ideas, but time is critical. Whatever I do not use I will keep for the next batch of songs.

I will be journaling the process and taking pictures and video. Hopefully, the lessons learned will benefit others and myself .

This certainly is going to be interesting. So let’s see what happens with songwriting with a deadline.

Striving To Be The Best One Man Band

When you are striving to be the best one man band, you need to build on each performance. (This is also referring to the best one woman band)

one man band
Not exactly what we had in mind…

First you have to research just what a one man band is or what are people looking for when they hire a one man band.

Are they looking for ambiant music? Music to party? or some variation there of?

You will need the right gear to go it alone.

PA (sound system)- If you are just doing ambiant style, a smaller pa will probably do. If you are doing the party/dance style gig a bigger efficiently powerful enough amp will be required.

Music Amplifier – If you are using a guitar, keyboard and/or drum machine you may not want to put everything through your PA. I prefer this as I can adjust the volume and crunch of my Chapman Stick without effecting the vocal sound.

Microphone – A good unidirectional or cardiode mic is best… you get less feed back.

Your instrumnet(s) – I use a Chapman Stick, some percussion and a drum machine. I like to have easy to get to volume control for each instrument.

Optional Looper – I use a looper, not to layer several instruments, but to create a drum/percussion groove to play over.

Now once you have all the gear it is time to get to work…

Repertoire, song lists, learning the songs, rehearse with the gear and making useful arrangements.

But that will be the next time.