Recording Analog / Digital

When I moved recently, I had over 400 vinyl LPs (records) and my turntable/amplifier.

I have to admit I love my music system and I know many who do.

Is it nostalgia? The audio quality? Reading the record sleeve and the artwork?

Well, I believe it is all the above!

My sound system has:

  • An amplifier – Harmon Kardon
  • Turntable – Technics
  • Cassette Deck – Fisher
  • ADAT machine – Panasonic

I still use all of them, but that being said… I love the quick access to recording my own projects on digital work stations. When it comes to saving a musical idea, I even use my smartphone.

My Laptop with an M-audio interface is my main recording tool. Sometimes I go direct and at times I just set up a mic and record in the room.

The next endeavour is to do some live social media webcasts… coming soon.