Setting Up A Chapman Stick Sound System

Well it has been a while…

I have been busy with renovations to our home and some medical procedures. (I won’t bore you with all the details, but I am doing just fine)

Now that all of this has come to pass, I did a short video in the midst of the renovations.

It is a stop frame of all my gear being set up over a time lapse video shoot.

You will seem my set up:

  • Phil Jones Bass amp
  • Fender GT100
  • Line 6 MM6 and Diamond compressor for the bass side
  • TC Electronis MojoMojo and Digiteck RP55 for the treble side + an expression pedal
  • An EHX 720 looper is also in line for both sides.

I am looking forward to actually recording some music in the updated studio environment.

Using drum loops

When I started out as a sound engineer in the early 80’s there were no drum loops to edit and create a rhythm track.

If you need a drum track, you had to record them and then edit them to make a bed track

Today you can purchase loops by some of the renowned players out there. How cool, I can have Omar Hakim (Sting and Peter Gabriel’s drummer) play on my recordings. (Available at Loop loft ).

Here is a rough track I started out with.