How Do You Decide Which Effects Pedals To Use?


Whether I am recording, practicing or performing live, I always use the same effects set up

Playing the Chapman Stick requires 2 sets of effects pedals. As the stick has no acoustic sound of its own, I find I like to enhance its sound.

On the bass side I use a compressor to smooth out the sound and a line6 modulator to give a fatter sound on certain songs.

On the guitar side I use just a digitech multi fx pedal to get reverb, Chorus and some other effects depending on the song. When I want to kick into a solo or single line sections I use a TC Electronics MojoMojo pedal to give a tube amplifier overdrive.

If you use effects pedals, which ones do you use and why?

Groovin' on Willie's Bass

January Made Me Shiver…

At Chess Records in Chicago
At Chess Records in Chicago

It’s colder than I like it (-20 to -30). None the less I do ski but, you have to bundle up.

Some how, I can’t help but think of back to last December in Chicago.

Marta and I took a tour of the old chess records studio Very, very cool environment and Willie Dixon’s grand son gave us the tour.

Talk about history… This tour is much better if you have viewed the movie Cadillac Records. (I had watched about 3 times over the past few years.

What was great fun, was playing Willie Dixon’s Bass.

While in Chicago, checked out the House of Blues and saw Lisa Fischer at the Winery. (She is Fantastic live)

Here’s a cool live version of a Zeppelin Fave.


Groovin' on Willie's Bass
Groovin’ on Willie’s Bass