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Over the last 2 weeks I have been trying out this new collaberative blog platform called Niume.


I have posted 3 articles in that time and it has been getting me more traffic to my site.

The articles are:

I encourage you to click and visit the links as I think (if your are a musician) you will find them inspiring.

Have a good one.



Melodic Improvisation and Singing Like Solos

Let’s explore melodic improvisation…

I watched a video by Steve Stine (a wonderful guitarist and excellent teacher) and he discusses melodic soloing.

Melodic Improvisation
Steve Stine

He refers to melodic plotting over a chord sequence. Check it out:

Also, I have created a linked in group that you can share improvisation ideas.

If you have any links, comments or ideas you would like to share, well… you know what to do.

Played at the Barfly in Montreal

Played the “BarFly” in Montreal June 21. I answered an ad on Craig’s list for an opening band, which was posted by Dimitri of “The Vain Apes”

Dimitri & Bernie
Dimitri & Bernie

They are an original 3 piece group, playing their own songs. Cool lyrics and unique sound. Plus Dimitri is a really nice guy.

I opened the evening at around 9:15 and played for 35 minutes. Small crowd but very warm reception.

After I was followed by Montreal’s “Usual Suspects”.

Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike
Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike

I played with Frank and Mike of the Suspects about 2 years ago. So in a generous fashion they invited me to join in on their last song, a cover of the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”. The evening ended with 2 sets from “The Vain Apes”.

Had a fabulous time and reminiscing with some old friends.