Going off-line to improve

Friends and music lovers,

I have not posted for a while as I have been waiting for surgery and was on the stand-by list.

I did an open mic and jammed with Jeff a few times in the interim

Tomorrow August 31st I will be getting a kind of heart over-haul… (Triple Bypass Surgery.)

So for obvious reasons I will be off-line to improve the state of my health.

With all hope and things going well I should be back online by August 7,2016.

Ciao for now

Improving and Improvising
Improving and Improvising

Online Blogging for Musicians

Over the last 2 weeks I have been trying out this new collaberative blog platform called Niume.


I have posted 3 articles in that time and it has been getting me more traffic to my site.

The articles are:

I encourage you to click and visit the links as I think (if your are a musician) you will find them inspiring.

Have a good one.



Melodic Improvisation and Singing Like Solos

Let’s explore melodic improvisation…

I watched a video by Steve Stine (a wonderful guitarist and excellent teacher) and he discusses melodic soloing.

Melodic Improvisation
Steve Stine

He refers to melodic plotting over a chord sequence. Check it out:


Also, I have created a linked in group that you can share improvisation ideas. https://www.linkedin.com/groups/8522623

If you have any links, comments or ideas you would like to share, well… you know what to do.