How Do You Decide Which Effects Pedals To Use?


Whether I am recording, practicing or performing live, I always use the same effects set up

Playing the Chapman Stick requires 2 sets of effects pedals. As the stick has no acoustic sound of its own, I find I like to enhance its sound.

On the bass side I use a compressor to smooth out the sound and a line6 modulator to give a fatter sound on certain songs.

On the guitar side I use just a digitech multi fx pedal to get reverb, Chorus and some other effects depending on the song. When I want to kick into a solo or single line sections I use a TC Electronics MojoMojo pedal to give a tube amplifier overdrive.

If you use effects pedals, which ones do you use and why?

Where Do You Get The Inspiration?

Sometimes it’s hard to move forward and I find myself relying on old licks and grooves.

But pushing when you don’t feel like it, can be frustrating.

I was thinking about Jack Bruce who passed away last October Cream  Bassist Jack Bruce Dies

A very unique bass sound in ’67 when I first heard Sunshine of Your Love.

And the bass melodies and grooves he created were more than the boring Tonic and 5th licks that seemed to dominate the air waves of rock in the day.

One journalist referred to hios bass sound as “elastic”, but it was much more…

So uninspired, I listened to Disraeli Gears and jammed away on “Tales of Brave Ulysses”. (On the stick the bass is cool and I put the WahWah on the treble)

Jamming with the best is always inspiring.




Studio Setup

This is the heart of my musical expression. The vehicle of my journey. The Stick, Phil Jones PJ 150, several effects pedals (Digitech RP55, volume pedal on treble side and Diamond Bass Compressor and Line 6 MM4 on the Bass side)

I record onto my laptop with a M-Audio Fast Track Pro. All from a small Eurorack MX 602A (Behringer).

I use NTrack multi track software and Sound Forge.