It’s Rehearsal Time in the Studio

After months of construction delays, and dealing with non-musical issues, we are back to some version of normal.

The new home studio is starting to take shape.

Home studio for a Chapman Stick player
The home studio evolving – phase 1

The studio is being set up for rehearsing/practicing, as well as, experimenting with percussion instruments and feasibility of performing it.

You will notice in the upper right is my percussion kit for creating rhythm loops to accompany some of songs in the new repertoire.

I want to use the live looping only as is necessary for the purpose of creating some variety in my sets.

I have been going over my song list and working out:

  • Which ones can use a percussion loop?
  • Which ones need a key change to make singing less of a strain? Especially when performing several sets in a performance.
  • Which ones should be eliminated or shelved for the moment because of performance difficulty?

On the horizon I am composing and writing new material with the goal in mind of composing and recording an EP or LP. (Yes, old school mentality, but I hope to release some REAL Vinyl!

Oh and in closing here is my promo video… looking for gigs.

Played at the Barfly in Montreal

Played the “BarFly” in Montreal June 21. I answered an ad on Craig’s list for an opening band, which was posted by Dimitri of “The Vain Apes”

Dimitri & Bernie
Dimitri & Bernie

They are an original 3 piece group, playing their own songs. Cool lyrics and unique sound. Plus Dimitri is a really nice guy.

I opened the evening at around 9:15 and played for 35 minutes. Small crowd but very warm reception.

After I was followed by Montreal’s “Usual Suspects”.

Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike
Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike

I played with Frank and Mike of the Suspects about 2 years ago. So in a generous fashion they invited me to join in on their last song, a cover of the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”. The evening ended with 2 sets from “The Vain Apes”.

Had a fabulous time and reminiscing with some old friends.