Played at the Barfly in Montreal

Played the “BarFly” in Montreal June 21. I answered an ad on Craig’s list for an opening band, which was posted by Dimitri of “The Vain Apes”

Dimitri & Bernie
Dimitri & Bernie

They are an original 3 piece group, playing their own songs. Cool lyrics and unique sound. Plus Dimitri is a really nice guy.

I opened the evening at around 9:15 and played for 35 minutes. Small crowd but very warm reception.

After I was followed by Montreal’s “Usual Suspects”.

Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike
Bernie, Frank, Dimitri & Mike

I played with Frank and Mike of the Suspects about 2 years ago. So in a generous fashion they invited me to join in on their last song, a cover of the Stones “Sympathy for the Devil”. The evening ended with 2 sets from “The Vain Apes”.

Had a fabulous time and reminiscing with some old friends.

Open mic night at the Mariposa Cafe


A fun night at the Mariposa Cafe. Lots of great soloists. Interesting open mic every performer had excellent voices. Among the performers included Melody Pearson, David Wilkenfeld, Ian Hanchet (who joined me with some mighty fine playin’ on “Stormy Monday”, John Petronko, Marie-Josée Tremblay, Saul Friedman, Sally Butterworth, Danielle Carter, and Victor. Thanks to Victor and his staff.

Excellent menu choices and wonderful people.

And… like many an open mic, the ride home on the bus reveals the interesting night creatures that inhabit the dark side of the urban world.