Looking Back on a Stick Trip to Connecticut

The 1st weekend in May 2011 was the first Stick workshop I ever attended.

Chapman Stick Players
A bunch of Stickists!

It was a fantastic experience. This is where I really started to get a sense of what the stick could do.

Some take aways from the event:

  • Have the courage to make mistakes
  • Not everyone has the same technique
  • Listen to everyone to gain wisdom and insights
  • Think, play and listen

Thanks to everyone who participated. Especially Steve Adelson, Greg Howard and the organizer/host Brett Bottomsley.

And now here’s Brett…

[youtube id=”qEVGjGkzcCU” align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” maxwidth=”650″ parameters=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEVGjGkzcCU”]

Open mic at the Café Point Virgule


Had a great time playing an opem mic night at the Café Point Virgule. Each artist/group plays 15 minutes and then when the list has been completed it goes aroung again. (3 songs each)

The sound at Café Point Virgule is quite good, as is the atmosphere.

Cool open mic evening

Thanks to Casper (He has cool studio) for organizing the event through the meetup group Musicians and Friends.

Cool atmosphere, a wide range of bands and musicians. I had a great time meeting other musicians, hearing some good music and a chance to play/expose the Chapman Stick.

Café Point Virgule est un café unique à Montréal! Ouvert 7 soirs semaine!
créé en 2002 par Isabelle Desjardin et Antoine-Réjean Boudreau…

Café Point Virgule is a unique Café in Montréal! Open 7 days a week!
It was created in 2002 by Isabelle Desjardin et Antoine-Réjean Boudreau …