The Thrill of Trying a New Instrument

There nothing like seeing a person holding and trying a Chapman stick for the first time.

We were having a garage sale in June and some young dudes bought all my old Guitar Player magazines. When they mentioned they played guitar and bass, I showed them the stick.

Turns out the young fellow holding the stick (Ryan) was the son of a musician friend (Rob Reid).

Check out the excitement look on his face!

The look on your face the first time you try a Chapman stick

Playing in the Streets

On June 11, 2017 I will be playing stick on the street corners.

I am using a Peavey Nano Zyphr with battery power.

Kind of a stripped down basic stick performance.

Hope to see you there.

Bernie on the Chapman Stick for Westmount Vicroria Village event

Looping Live For The First Time

The Barfly in MontrealI played the Barfly on March 21 along with 3 other music acts.

As usual I was the opener. I used an EHX 720 2 channel looper pedal. When I played “I’m A Man” I decided to loop a kind of ambient chord like Robert Fripps looping method from the late 70’s, in other words it was just a loop with a series of swelling notes that are not set to a fixed time meter.

Once I created the loop, I proceeded to do a bluesy improv over the loop.

Also I brought back the loop during my solo.

Here is a short segment from that performance giving you an idea of the loop section.