Performing Music Live Tips and Thoughts

When you have 48 hours before performing music live, tips like these are essential because with out a checklist you will certainly have chaos.

Here are few general items for the best chances of a stellar performance:

  • Equipment (including back up)
  • Proper rehearsal
  • Personal maintenance


Performing music live I use Line 6 MM, Diamond compressor, Digitech RP55, TC electronics MojoMojo
Some of the pedals I use

In my case the basics are instruments and amplification

I play a Chapman stick so the Stick plus 2 cables, pedal board, power supply and all the hook up cables… plus extra strings. There is a tuner and tools for the stick in my gig bag.

Using percussion means my hand drum, shaker, Guira, Cajon and some drum pads will need a mixer, mics and cables.

I have 2 amplifiers A Phil Jones (for the bass side of the stick and Fender GT-100 for the treble side.

For vocals I bring my own mic (AKG C-1000) and cable. Plus a few 9 volt batteries in case there is no phantom power from the live event console.

There are few other items I always bring. A video camera and tripod… because to get gigs video is so important, so even if it’s locked down on the tripod, I will get some footage. This is good not just for promo footage but to also see how I performed… what can I improve.

It also helps to have a phone or recording device for an audio reference of your performance.

Now the other equipment is a poster I banner behind me and some merch. At the moment I just have T-shirts as I am still putting a CD together of my original material.

Some basic performing live music tips

I use a spoken word presentation to get people to sign up on my mailing list. Also a hashtag they can use to post pictures/video on social media.

Have business cards and other promo material to hand out to prospective fans, people interested in hiring you or booking agents.

It’s Rehearsal Time in the Studio

After months of construction delays, and dealing with non-musical issues, we are back to some version of normal.

The new home studio is starting to take shape.

Home studio for a Chapman Stick player
The home studio evolving – phase 1

The studio is being set up for rehearsing/practicing, as well as, experimenting with percussion instruments and feasibility of performing it.

You will notice in the upper right is my percussion kit for creating rhythm loops to accompany some of songs in the new repertoire.

I want to use the live looping only as is necessary for the purpose of creating some variety in my sets.

I have been going over my song list and working out:

  • Which ones can use a percussion loop?
  • Which ones need a key change to make singing less of a strain? Especially when performing several sets in a performance.
  • Which ones should be eliminated or shelved for the moment because of performance difficulty?

On the horizon I am composing and writing new material with the goal in mind of composing and recording an EP or LP. (Yes, old school mentality, but I hope to release some REAL Vinyl!

Oh and in closing here is my promo video… looking for gigs.